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A little jazz

Max Collhan's Dinner Section performs at the legendary Blue Note club in NYC.
Chadd had read that Tito Puente was performing at the Blue Note club and wanted to go. The evening performances were $35, but Chadd noticed from reading their website they had afternoon shows for $18.50 which included a meal.

So we walked down to the Blue Note (located in the heart of Greenwich Village) for the 3:30 show. We were about an hour early, so we hit a nearby coffee and donut shop for a coffee roll and coke.

Once we got into the Blue Note, we both ordered club sandwiches, which were good. To Chadd's disappointment, the afternoon show was not performed by Tito Puente, but by Mac Collhan's Smoking Section, a Fats Navarro tribute band and a very talented and capable troup of musicians.

Blue Note
131 West 3rd Street
New York, NY 10012

World Trade Center

Chadd standing in front of an international flag display in the World Trade Center Tower 1.

After the show at the Blue Note, we decided to walk to the World Trade Center, which is on the southwestern tip of Manhattan Island. This means we walked from midtown clear down to the financial district. I had blisters on the bottoms of both feet by the time we got to the World Trade Center.

Actually a plaza of seven buildings, the World Trade Center was built in the mid-late 1960s and towers over lower Manhattan. It houses the myriad companies, exchanges and agencies that oversee much of U.S.-world trade; it hosts 50,000 workers and 80,000 vistors daily. The WTC stands 110 stories high (more than a quarter of a mile) making the view from its observation deck stunning at any time of the day or year.

The base of the World Trade Center is a shopping mall. There we saw banks, clothing stores, and the kind of fast food stores you see in shopping malls (e.g Sbarro).

We wanted to go to the Windows to the World bar at the top of Tower 2 and hang out, but an information-giver at the elevator told us there was a dress code after 8 p.m. and she didn't have any dress shoes to lend to us.

So, we walked over to Tower 1 and paid admission to the Top of the World exhibit on the 107th floor. I feel sorry for the people who run the elevator up and down that building. I mean, how many times can you tolerate your ears popping in one day?!

The view up there was impressive even though the weather was making for some crappy visibility. There was some kind of electromagnetic interference up there as well that was interfering with my camcorder and Chadd's digital camera. We couldn't get clean shots- the pictures were always full of noise. *X Files theme plays*