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Thomas Lake

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Thomas Lake. Home to dozens of species of wildlife including bunny rabbits, squirells, ducks, and small birds. It was here that I saw my first fireflies and wondered how easy it would be to accurately render images of fireflies with a computer.

The city of Eagan keeps the trails around the lake maintained and has posted a trail map showing the various routes around the lake.

Christine tries her hardest to pose as a statue in front of Thomas Lake's colorful treeline.

This image does well in displaying the serenity of the lake in the evenings.

Thomas Lake Pointe, our apartment community, can be seen in the background of this photo. The native prarie preserved around Thomas Lake has a paved bicycling/jogging path through it which circles the lake.

An American Golfinch feeds on the seeds from some tall grass.
I keep meaning to ask someone if the mushrooms around here are anything like the mushrooms which grow so abundantly in the northwest.

Wild bunny rabbits are everywhere!

Here's the sign for Thomas Lake Pointe, our apartment community.