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St. Paul

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Saint Paul is the east twin of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. It is also the state capitol.

This photo shows the skyline of Saint Paul from the south in the early evening.

One thing that really impressed me about St. Paul was how well landscaped the freeways are. In Utah it doesn't seem like anyone cares how the freeways look. But, as you can see from this photo, St. Paul holds more pride in how their city looks to drivers.

About two miles south of where this photo was taken the median is lanscaped with beautiful fir trees and shrubs. Even better!

This is the view from Indian Mounds Park which sits atop a cliff east of the center of St. Pauil and overlooks the east fork of the Mississippi River.

Christine is shown here standing behind flowers that lie in the mall stretching out in front of Minnesota's State Capitol Building.

This silly picture was taken in front of the Minnesota State Capitol Building.

Here Christine (vainly) attempts to topple one of many metal sculptures forming a civil rights monument near Minnesota's State Capitol Building in St. Paul.