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St. Croix Railroad

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The St. Croix Railroad is a group of hobbyists who share a love of building and operating scale models of trains.

In Hudson, Wisconsin, on 9 acres of land, this club has over 2 miles of small-guage railroad track running through scenic forest. They provide rides on the trains to other hobbyist groups and, occasioanlly, to the public for small donations.

An electric-powered streamlined locomotive.

This steam engine locomotive, maintained by Tim Kirby, runs on coal just like the full-scale engine it is based on.

An engineer prepares to take a group for a ride.

Before and after running trains on the tracks, engineers will do maintenance work on them.
Out on the 7 1/2" track the train approaches a bridge.
Christine and Frank prepare for a ride on the 7 1/2" track.
Here's me standing by the battery-powered locomotive which is being serviced.
Once a locomotive is ready, engineers will load it onto the turntable and spin it around to put the train on the track it will run on.
Tim Kirby: Train engineer extraordinaire.