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Minnesota Renaisance Festival

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Minnesota Renaissance Festival

We attended this world-famous festival on September 7th not really knowing what to expect. Not surprisingly, Minnesota hosts possibly the country's largest renaissance festival. Hundreds of small shops, activities, and unique forms of entertainment were available to keep visitors busy all day long.


One of the most interesting things about the festival was seeing all the people dressed up in their appropriate period attire. Many chose the medieval look, while others were victorian. Since the weekend we attended was highlighting the Scottish highland games, many were in kilts and donning bagpipes.

Things to See

The festival offers all kinds of entertainment in the form of musicians, shows, demonstrations, etc.


A favorite event of visitors is the jousts.

Things to Do

There's plenty of activities for visitors at the festival including riding animals and joining in activities and events.

Scottish Highlanders

Highland games, kilts, and bagpipes were everywhere!

Other Pictures

We visit a hat shop, and some other shops.