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Duluth, Minnesota

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These images were taken with our Sony CCDTRV62 Hi8 camcorder and then frame-captured using a Silicon Graphics O2 workstation at work.

Me introducing our video tour to Duluth from in our apartment.

"It was sunny when we left but now it's all cloudy."

Christine got some footage of me while I was driving.

We were both impressed by how quaint Duluth is. With a population of over 80,000 people, it is not a small town, but many areas of Duluth have obviously been relatively unchanged over the years. 100-year old homes are not uncommon and lavish 1800s european architecture is everywhere in the homes, school, and especially in the church buildings.

Duluth lies on the shores of Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes. Christine and I found a nice jogging path along the shore.

This image shows the lakewalk's position relative to the shore.

Christine walks down to the shore from the Lakewalk.

This is a funny picture. After shooting the Lakewalk sign I swung around to get Christine, who was standing next to me. It's pretty obvious I caught her by surprise.

"Do you think the resemblance of these rocks to stairs was intentional or coincidental?" I asked Christine as she descended the rocks/stairs.

"Dunno," was her response.

On Lake Superior, we saw several sailboats and two tankers like this one.

Searching for my friend Kristina from the ISCA BBS, we drove around the campus of University of Minnesota Duluth.