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Doran's Journal - 28 August 1997

We will be returning home in 22 days. Three weeks from tomorrow. On the afternoon of Friday, 19 Sept, we will depart Eagan, Minnesota heading south on I-35 We will continue south until we reach Des Moines, Iowa at which time we will get on I-80 going west until we reach Omaha, Nebraska. In Omaha we will stop for the night. Saturday morning we will head out of Omaha again on I-80 until we reach Rock Springs, Wyoming. We will spend the night in Rock Springs and hopefully we'll be able to visit my friend Cyndi while we are there. On, Sunday, we'll drive the remaining 185 miles to Salt Lake where we will stop in and see my parents and brother for a while. Then we'll head north to Roy to see Christine's family. Then, finally, we'll drag our aching bodies into Logan, Utah on the evening of Sunday, 22 Sept.

Things at Cray continue to be good. My projects are getting close to being finished. Christine has received praise from her supervisor for her work and was told he was interested in having her come back after graduation to work directly under him.

In my spare time I have been working on GUPPI. It is nearly finished! I am hoping the USU CS department will feel up to giving me undergraduate research credit for it. If so, I may be able to drop one of my CS classes from my schedule next quarter. I should be able to throw up a demonstration of GUPPI on the web by the beginning of next week. There's already 5417 lines of code making up GUPPI so far.

We have next Monday off for Labor Day. Christine and I still have not decided what we are going to do. We have talked about going to the Mill City Music Festival and seeing the Violent Femmes and Bare Naked Ladies in concert. We have also talked about heading up to Duluth, MN to see Lake Superior. We have also talked about going to the Renaisance Festival that weekend which is held here in the Twin Cities.

I went to the dentist last Monday because I was having trouble with food getting stuck between two of my teeth and causing pain. A couple of my coworkers recommended a dentist and I went to see her. Yes, "her!" It was the first time I had been to (or even heard of) a female dentist. She was nice and gave me a nice filling for a cavity that was causing my problem but told me I'd probably need a crown. In addition, without knowing anything about my personal eating/drinking habits, she pointed out that soda pop is really bad for causing these kinds of problems. She specifically singled out Mountain Dew as being the worst- that it has the highest amount of acids which can cause tooth decay. So, I'm not drinking Mountain Dew anymore and I've cut down my soda pop consumption considerably. I can't afford crowns.

I've been running around Thomas Lake about 3 times a week. My route is about 2 miles long. I've been able to keep a steady pace for between 17-23 minutes. I've shed a few pounds since I started doing it too. So, it's been cool.

Our housemate Justin is moving out this weekend. He and his wife have rented a one-bedroom house on a large plot of land about 30 minutes away from Cray. He is flying back to Salt Lake tomorrow morning to drive with her and move all their stuff to Minnesota. So, for the rest of September, we'll have the apartment to ourselves. If anyone wants to fly out for a weekend, they're in luck! They'll have your own bedroom instead of the couch. Fortunately, we won't have to pay any additional rent after Justin leaves.