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Christine's Journal - 25 August 1997

I only have 4 weeks left here in Minnesota. I'll be glad to get back to Utah and see all my friends and family again. Stupidly enough I'm looking forward to starting school, probably because I'm almost through.

My manager, Dan Ferber, wants me to come back after graduation and work for him. A few weeks ago he was asking a technical recruiter to find me a job anywhere in SGI, then he was talking to someone in the Salt Lake office about me working there (he realized Doran & I didn't want to move out of Utah), now he says he wants me to live in Eagan and work for him. However, if I definitly don't want to live here (or it's just not possible - ie Doran won't go for it), he wants to see if I can work for him out of the Salt Lake office. He says that is a remote possibility. I think he likes me. I never even asked about getting a job at SGI, and I'm a bit confused by all this talk. It's a very tempting offer, everything I could ever want really - unix-based, cluster software (I've been interested in parallel programming ever since I was first interested in computer science), respected company, superb benefits. The only problem is that it's in Minnesota, though I think he wouldn't have a problem with me living in Mountain View California. Most of the people he works with are there. This is actually a great place to live, but the plane tickets to Utah are $272 (round-trip), who would visit us?