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Christine's Journal - 21 August 1997

I'm doing pretty good, I don't look forward to the weekends here. They're boring. Even if Doran and I go somewhere it's just not as fun because it's just us. It's better to have people to visit and do things with. I'm looking forward to going home and having fun weekends. Except then school will start and I'll have to do homework all weekend, but only two more quarters!

Work is fun. I'm installing cluster software on three machines in California now. It's scary and exciting at the same time. I'm scared of messing something up on this guy's machines, but it's so fun to see everything working. Today they had a Summer Tyme Fun party outside here. I went for an hour and played miniature golf, drank rootbeer floats, ate nachos and watermelon, and listened to music. This is a really cool company, they really try to keep their employees happy.

Last night I took the camcorder out and got video of Doran jogging around the lake. It was a pretty night, but when we watched it later we realized that the backlight feature was on and everything I'd recorded looked like a weird dream. I'll have to do that again. I did see a bunny though, and got it with the camcorder. Doran thinks it's funny to watch the stuff I record since I haven't quite got the hang of the zoom yet, I always zoom the wrong way and have to try it again.