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Christine's Journal - 14 Aug 1997

So yesterday was a big day for me. I had to demo the cluster products I've been installing on my cluster for people who work at a little company in St. Paul. They make one of the products that I've installed, and they were interested in seeing the other stuff too. We went to lunch first, we were going to pay since we invited them, but they wanted to pay - so we let them. Then we went back to Cray and Dan talked to them a while and showed overheads. Then I ran all the software products and showed them what I thought was interesting and stuff. Some of them wanted a tour of the data center (our big computer room), so I took them down there are showed them around. It was a pretty fun afternoon. I had started to get a headache during lunch, and by the time they left it was huge and I had to go home and sleep to try to get rid of it.

One of the guys was really impressed with Cray and asked me how I'd gotten such a good opportunity. I told him it just fell in my lap. He said that it must be fun to work here. I told him that I used to work at a place with two 8 processor computers and nice workstations, and I thought I was in heaven there. Here I'm really overwhelmed at how cool it is that I get to work with/on such powerful, cutting-edge computers.

For some reason my manager has the idea that I don't like Minnesota, I think it's because I haven't expressed an interest in working here after I graduate, and I've made comments about the humidity and impending cold weather. I told him I do like it here, the air is cleaner, there is less traffic, the hills and trees are beautiful, that's not the reason I wouldn't move to Minnesota. Doran doesn't want to move outside of Utah, and I have know reason to insist that we should. There are plenty of opportunities in Salt Lake, plenty of high tech companies. There's no reason (except selfishness and greed) that I would need to move outside of Utah. I haven't told him all that yet, but I will have to explain it to him. He already talked to someone in the Silocon Graphics Salt Lake office about me. I would love to work there. It's on the top of my list.

Oh, and I better mention that I'll probably be going to California for a couple of days before I leave. I'm planning on setting up a cluster at Silicon Graphics headquarters too.

I haven't been feeling real well lately. I just have headaches and stuff a little too often. I hoping I'll get over that. I'm looking forward to the drive home. We had fun on the drive here and I'm looking forward to returning home, seeing everyone, and relaxing.