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Doran's Journal - 9 August 1997

...through the rain- and I found myself protected...

Sorry to make you suffer with cheezy Barry Manilow lyrics. It actually didn't rain at all on us today even though the forecast had called for scattered showers. However, outside right now it is starting to look a little scarey. But we're inside now so it's okay. Rain rain.

Frank arrived last night at 8:09. His plane was 3 minutes late. We were waiting for him at the gate and welcomed him to Minnesota. After that, we got in our car and drove away from the airport. I pointed a number of airport landmarks which he might recognize from the movie Fargo (the outside parking lot, the parking toll booths, etc.) but Frank's hadn't seen that movie yet, so the information was of no use to him.

I promised Frank we'd drive by the Mall Of America after he arrived so he could utter a few choice expletives and gawk at its sheer size and volumnicity. So we did... and he did as he was expected to.

Before we went to the apartment, we stopped at WalMart and grabbed a few things including some film for our camera. That's right. More pictures coming!

Frank was a little hungry so we made him our special chicken salad Christine and I love to make. He seemed more than satisfied with that.

After watching some television, we all hopped in the car to make a late-night visit to Cray Research. We gave Frank the tour of all the buildings and showed him our offices. Christine gave him a demo of the clustering software she's been working on. She has to give the same demo to a group of people from outside Cray next Wednesday. Unfortunately, what she was doing was a little over Frank's and my head. So, once she realized this, she decided to just take some pictures of us with her computer's digital camera.

Then we went back to tha apartment and went to bed. Everyone was tired... especially Frank who had not slept in about 36 hours.

This morning, Frank and I went to Hardee's and grabbed some breakfast to go and took it back to the apartment. After watching some Daria on MTV, we headed out to the Mall Of America. The place was really busy. Don't go to the Mall Of America on a Saturday afternoon unless you're really into people-watching or you like being around a LOT of people.

We walked around and let Frank issue a few more verbal expletives and take some pictures, then we left. We decided to head into St. Paul and visit the Minnesota Science Museum.

The Science Museum was very interesting. They had a number of exhibits dealing with the physics of sports, native american archealogy, and ancient egypt. In fact, they had a real embalmbed mummy on display there with X-Rays and CAT scans of the body and everything. Very interesting indeed.

There were some young girls doing some gymnastics routines in one of the areas with a small crowd gathered to watch. We took about 10 minutes to watch them.

Then we walked through a breezeway to the other part of the museum on the opposite side of the street. Over there they had the dinosaur exhibit as well as some interesting exhibits dealing with watershed and the polution of the Mississippi River.

At 3 p.m. we attended a presentation in a small theater titled "Physics in Sport" which was a lot of fun. A young man demonstrated Force, Inertia, Friction, Speed, Length, and Angular Momentum as demonstrated in various types of sports. I think the children in the audience really got a kick out of this (no pun intended).

After that presentation, we got in line for the 4:00 showing of "The Magic Of Flight" which was the feature movie in the museum's IMAX theater. We got fairly good seats and the three of us were mutually amazed (and somewhat nauseated) by the huge movie we saw. Narrated by Tom Selleck, this film told a general history of man's entry into the world of flight, but mostly showed some breathtaking shots of mountain scenery and F-18 fighter planes doing aerobatic stunts at air shows. It was my first IMAX movie and I was impressed. The Minnesota Zoo also has an IMAX theater, so maybe we'll go check that out too sometime.

I think Logan needs an IMAX theater.

We were all hungry after the movie so we drove back to Eagan and went to dinner at Don Pablo's, a mexican restaurant located in Eagan Town Centre. Christine had received a certificate from her manager which qualified her for up to a $50 reimbursement for a restaurant or retailer. So, we tried real hard to order close to $50 worth of food. We didn't, but we gave our waitress a nice tip.

Now we're home resting up a little before we go grab a video or two to top off our night. Yay.