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Doran's Journal - 4 August 1997

Air Force One was intense.

Yep. On Saturday, Christine and I went to a matinee showing of Air Force One - this summer's Harrison Ford flick. As always, Harrison Ford is great fun to watch on screen. He doesn't portray a very realistic president, though. But maybe that was before his character seemed to care a great deal about his family and the welfare of the United States. I don't know.

Christine said she trembled through the entire movie because it was such an egde-of-your-seat intense film. After watching this film, you can probably go home and draw the floor plan for the 747 used. A very good job was done making the audience familiar with the inside of this sophisticated airplane.

While I had some problems with some of the special effects and a couple of the plot twists, it is still a film I recommend seeing- if not now, when it is released on video.

And, of course, if you have not seen _Contact_ yet, you H A V E to go see it before it leaves the theaters. This movie will simply NOT be the same on video or DVD.

Enough about movies! What about you?

Today Christine and I went to a Vietnamese Restaurant called Que Viet for lunch. It was good. Not as good, I think, as Amy's or Mandarin Garden in Logan, however. :-) Maybe when I get back, we can all go to Amy's.

Today flew by real fast at work. I started working on a project this morning when I got here, stopped for lunch and before I knew it, it was already 4 in the afternoon. Woo hoo! Days like this are cool.

David Byrne will be coming in concert to Minneapolis on August 23. I'm waiting to see if a Salt Lake date shows up in late September or early October before I get tickets. I saw David play in Salt Lake back in 1993 on his Uh Oh tour in Salt Lake. I went with my friend Chadd and I think that had to of been the funnest concert I had ever been to. I think Chadd may agree. So, I'm really looking forward to seeing him again.

Byrne's new cd "Feelings" is really nice. I wasn't so sure of it when I first heard it, but it is really growing on me.

I think we're at the halfway point of our summer in Minnesota. So, if you've been joyfully counting the days we've been gone, you can now begin dreadingly counting down the days until we return. :-)

Again, Frank Harris will be coming out this weekend. Should be fun. We'll take a lot of pictures and put them up on the Web site. Hope you're having a great summer.