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Christine's Journal - 4 August 1997

This is a shocker - My parents are probably moving to Hawaii. My Dad is come into a bad situation at work. Talbert Medical Group (formerly part of FHP) contracted the managment/employment of it's audiologists to a company out of California. They ask my Dad to meet virtually impossible sales quotas (forget about whether patient needs the hearings aids, just sell them anyway), and they've cut his hours to 32/week because he's not meeting the quotas. My Dad knows/figures they want him to quit so they can hire a recent grad and pay them half as much as they pay him, so they're making his life as hard as they can. The audiology market is quite saturated and apparently his best option right now is a job in Hawaii. My Dad says that it's about 80% sure, and that it feels right. So, if it happens, they're going. I'm trying to stay calm, but then I think about Thanksgiving and Christmas, and not being able to drive to their house. It's strange because it's one thing to move away from your parents, it's another to have them move away from you. Before I was okay on taking a job outside of Utah, now unless it was a job in Hawaii I don't know if I could do it.

I like my job, and apparently my manager likes me. He cc'ed a request to HR to have them talk to me about job opportunities here, in California & closer to my home area. Silicon Graphics/Cray Research has sales offices all over the world, and development locations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, California, Japan, Austrailia, & England. That's all I know of, atleast. I'll have to see what comes of it.

Today work went very fast for Doran and me. We both had lots to do. For lunch I talked Doran into trying some Vietnamese food. He was apprehensive, but he really like it. He won't say it's better than Amy's Mongolian BBQ in Logan though. :)

Tomorrow my boss's boss is going to be here from California. We're going to have lunch with him and another group that he supervises. Counting that and the intern lunch on Wednesday, I'm going to get two free lunches this week. That's pretty cool. Tomorrow we're only having hamburgers and hotdogs (brats), but on Wednesday we'll have pizza. Doran and I try to eat as little red meat as we can, if I had a choice I'd get a veggie burger. They sell them at the cafeteria here, and they are really good. A veggie burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion - that's what I have for lunch on a default day.

Tonight we went walking/jogging around the lake we live by. We try to to it every night. Normally Doran will jog around the path and I'll walk the other way. By the time we meet, Doran is almost ready to stop jogging and walk with me. Today he jogged for over 10 minutes and we walked for about 20 more. I don't like to jog, I can walk for a long time at a good rate, but once I start jogging I'm ready to fall over.