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Doran's Journal - 30 July 1997

FINALLY, it stopped raining. The last couple of days have been really nice... and the humidity has been tolerable. What am I complaining about anyway? I haven't been outside.

Our lives have been somewhat boring lately. Well, boring in that we haven't been going out snapping pictures and going to exotic places. But, that doesn't mean we're not keeping ourselves busy. Quite the opposite, really.

Christine's job gets cooler by the day. She is doing some very high-tech work with array processing. Don't ask me about it. Ask her. I don't really know what it is she's doing- only that it's pretty dang cool.

Me? I'm pretty much doing the same thing I would do in Logan- only I'm getting paid lots more for it and I'm doing it for Cray. I got to install the PostgreSQL database server on a $100,000 SGI Origin-series computer this last week. This is the same database software I use for a lot of things I do back home. You should have seen this software compile... it went *so* fast!

My buddy Frank Harris will be flying out to Minnesota on Friday, the 8th to hang out (and PARTY!) with us. He'll be sticking out for the weekend and then going home on Monday. We'll probably have lots of pictures of that. We're planning a trip to the Como Park Zoo, the Science Museum in St. Paul, and, of course, the Mall of America.

And, hey, if you're getting anxious to come out, let's do it! Round-trip airfare from Salt Lake is only $270 if you order 7 days in advance. That's not too bad, right? :-)

Here's an interesting observation I've made out here. All around the Cray Research Park (which is several acres) the surrounding land is landscaped with the natural prairie wild grasses and flowers. The area around our apartment community is the same way. In fact, I've noticed that Minnesotans are quite particular to this.

This is interesting because the philosophy in Utah- at least where I've lived- is that if you don't have turf that is mown weekly, you're a filthy slob. If my dad ever tried to landscape the ground around his business with "native prairie grasses", West Valley City would be waving hefty fines in front of his face. I know it because he's tried it before. heh heh.

Our car had been running a bit sluggishly since we arrived in Minnesota over a month ago. I was concered that the engine was just reaching the end of it's usability. And then with the car salesman telling me I was "sitting on a time bomb," I was really concerned about how we were going to get back to Utah. Well, my worries are gone. A couple of days ago I (accidentally) killed the engine while backing into a parking stall at the grocery store. I restarted the engine, finished parking, and then went shopping (for stuff to make Rice Krispie treats.) When I got back out to the car to leave, I immediately noticed the car had a lot more power than it did before. The responsiveness I was used to was back. The Subaru was whipping and zipping like it had before. Very cool! What do you think it was?

On Sept 1, Christine and I will be going into Minneapolis to see the band Violent Femmes in concert (No, Mom, it's not as bad it sounds.) That should be fun.