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Christine's Journal - 29 July 1997

I don't have much to tell you today. Last night the weather was unusally nice and I went on a nice walk around the lake that we live by. Some lady called and said that we'd won a trip to the Bahamas from something we had filled out at a fair up here. So we listened to her until she said it would cost $500. What a gimmick. Sunday night I had returned some videos we had rented, and Monday they called and said that one of the cases had the wrong cassette in it. Woops, I put one of our blank tapes in the case. I had to take the movie back, I wonder if they think I was trying to get away with keeping the movie. We got the Ensign in the mail yesterday, so I read that before going to bed last night.

Doran went back to work last night and was there until about 1. I can't understand why he likes staying up all night. He just feels terrible the next day. He wants to work different hours at work, but I don't. I like working normal hours.

Work today is sluggish. I've been able to get some stuff done, but other stuff is waiting for answers to questions. My manager keeps leaving me messages about a software package, I keep telling him we can't do it, but he must not be understanding me. He thinks the problem is something other than what it is. He keeps telling me how to get around it, and I keep trying to tell him that that is not the problem. It's frustrating.