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Christine's Journal - 15 July 1997

Well I just had to tell you that I got a new O2. Now I have two. I think that makes it about $20,000 in computer hardware sitting in my office. I may be getting close to rival your Indigo2, which was probably $20,000 - $50,000. More bragging -- I have root on some of the origin2000's here, it freaks me out though. I don't have much of a sys-admin background and so I'm always calling Justin to ask him about what I'm doing before I do it. I applied to get into a sys-admin course here, but they were all full until the end of September, which is when I leave. Not to mention they're in California and I would have to fly out there for a week to take it.

We just went through a big re-org last week. I'm in a new group now, Arrays and Clusters or something. I'm the only one in it; I have meetings with myself. They put both software organizations from SGI & Cray together. It's just more of the merge thing. Actually I have a manager who leads my group. I've even met him. He's been on vacation or in Japan for the past 3 weeks. He did come in one morning, right before he flew to Japan. I have a meeting with him at 4 today. I'm a little nervous since I don't know him very well yet.

Yesterday we had a company-wide intern event. All the interns from Chippewa Falls came and we toured the computer center here and went to a baseball game. All the huge computers are really fun to see, I even got to touch some of the copper boards in an old Cray that is still running. (We were supposed to notice the temperature differences between the boards.) I was never going to wash that hand again, but I forgot. Plus, I had a pig stamp on it from the baseball game. I couldn't very well go around with that for the rest of my life. Jeremy Arnold was there (he works in Chippewa Falls), he seems to be doing okay. Justin only went to the computer center tour, he didn't go to the speakers (I wish I hadn't, they were dull.), and he didn't go to the barbeque, or the baseball game. Of course he goes into work at 6:30 and goes home around 10, and I guess he just couldn't justify the time away from his computers.