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Christine's Journal - 10 July 1997

The weather is getting better. It's not as hot as Utah is at this time of year, but it is a bit more humid. It has been raining a lot lately, but apparently they were experiencing a drought before that.

Minnesota is really a happening place, the parks remind me of the one by our house in Maryland with the tall tress, under-brush, fireflies (which Doran got to see for the first time). Do you remember when we would catch fireflies in a bottle and put them in our room at night? They were always dead by morning.

Doran is very disappointed with his job. He doesn't feel valuble. Everyone seems so busy that it's hard for him to get going on things that he's been assigned. I tell him to look at them, the people with regular fulltime jobs have plenty to do and are happy. I'm in a worse situation than Doran though, but I'm feel I'm more open minded. My manager has only been in one day since I started, I just got moved into a new group because of a huge re-org project, the only person I'm working with on my project is my manager and like I said, he was only here one day so far. Oh, I'm the only person in my new group besides my manager. I don't know what I'm supposed to be accomplishing. I'm working on this project which is very interesting and everything. I really feel lucky to be doing it, but I don't know why I'm doing it. Hopefully I'll find out next week when I see my manager again. I think he's lucky I'm used to working so independently.