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Doran's Journal - 23 June 1997

Well, we've now been in Minnesota for a week and so far, it's been pretty cool.

I haven't really done much work for the last week, but finally secured some work to do late yesterday (Friday), so starting next week I'll have some work to do.

One of the projects I'll be working on is installing PGP on all of the systems here. I downloaded the PGP 5.0 trialware package which includes a plugin for Eudora 3.x mailers to play around with at home. It's great. So, some of the mail you'll be seeing from me will have a PGP signature attached in case you want to verify its authenticity. :-)

I'll also be working on another project in which I'll be writing a network service for Windows 95 machines which will gather information about the computer from the Windows 95 registry (i.e. CPU type, RAM, etc.) and then answer to inquiries by a client machine over the network. This will help us gather information about machines sitting on our network for a database. This database, which will contain information about the Unix workstations, PCs, and Macs within the Cray campus, will then be (in the words of my boss) "webified" by me as well.

What did I say? A three-month paid vacation!

We only work on Monday next week. We have the rest of the week off due to the July 4th holiday and an SGI cost-saving first-of-fiscal-year holiday. Christine and I are going to go down to Nauvoo, Illinois to see that historical town.