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Doran's Journal - 23 June 1997

So far things have been pretty good. The company is very laid back and informal. I actually haven't been given any work to do yet. They just gave me my office (which is pretty big) and my computer (SGI Indy with 21" monitor) and my phone.

This morning was the employee orientation for new employees. That lasted all morning and included lunch. Then the Human Resources woman took me to my supervisor's office. He wasn't there so she just left me there. I waited for about 45 minutes without him ever coming. So I went up to the 6th floor where Christine's office was. I didn't know where exactly it was- just that it was on the 6th floor in the same building. So I walked around. The building is HUGE.

I never did find Christine's office so I went back down to my boss's office. He wasn't there. So I went back and looked for Christine's office again. Nothing. So I went back to my boss's. Nothing. So I walked down to HR and asked the HR woman where Christine's office was. She found out. It was on the 5th floor.

So I went up to Christine's office. She wasn't there. So I left a note for her. Then I went back down to my boss's office. Nope, he wasn't there. So finally, I decided to ask one of his neighbors in the hall about him.

I knocked on the door next to his, "Do you know where Bill Zwicky is?"

"No," she replied, "Are you our new intern?" I say yes.

She took me down the hall where three guys were congregated around a workstation and introduced me to them. Then we all went down the hall to my office and we all sat around and talked to me for a while. It was a blast. They're all weird... But that's okay... it means I fit right in.