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Christine's Journal - 23 June 1997

Doran and I had received a letter that said we were supposed to report to Terri at 8:30 to complete paper work, but when we got here they said that had been changed and we were to go to an orientation. So, we spent the morning in a room with two other interns that were starting that day and one new full-time employee. One of the interns said this was his fifth internship at Cray and that he really liked it. They gave us a cool mug that says Silicon Graphics, a pop can holder to keep your pop cold (cans of pop are only $.25 here at work), a badge holder to wear around your neck, a tape measure thing to measure your sitting positions so you know if you're being ergonomically correct, and a T-shirt with Cray Research on it. We had to sit through people talking about the company in general, the company culture, the merger between Cray and SGI, and then we had to listen to someone talk about safety in the work place and watch a video on chemicals. It really didn't apply to us, but they said that if we ever spilled printer toner on ourselves they wanted us to know what to do. Then we got free lunch at the cafeteria, it was good I had buffalo wings, and Doran had lasagna.

Finally we were taken up to our offices, and I mean offices, we all have offices (Yay!). I had received a hard copy of an email message that my manager had sent to Terri to give to me. Doran was dropped off at his manager's office, he wasn't there at the time and they told Doran to wait for him. We'll Doran waited an hour, and then decided to look for me. He had been told that my office was on the 6th floor, so he looked all over the 6th floor. (I'm really on the 5th floor), he couldn't find me and he went back to his manager's office who still wasn't there. After about two hours he finally asked the lady in the office next to his manager's if she knew where his manager was. She said "Oh, are you our intern? We've been looking for you!" So he was warmly greeted. (Later he said that he didn't know interns were such a big deal, he didn't know that the whole group would stop what they were doing and come out and meet him like they did.) So, Meanwhile I was getting a tour of the facilities and some of the Supercomputers by our group's project leader. He reminds me of one of our professors, it's really trippy. I didn't have an account yet so I logged out to my O2 with someone else's and browsed the intranet (inter-office web) reading all the stuff about our company. Another intern started with me in the same group. Her name is Sarah, and she is a year younger than me.

My second day I finally got my account, and some accounts on some supercomputers. I was having several problems and so I sent several messaged to the support desk and received several automated responses in the mail and several phone calls, and finally got most of it resolved. Meanwhile I was trying to do all the stuff my manager mentioned in his email to me. Trying to read up on computer tools that I'll be working with this summer. I should go do some more of this.