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This is an index of events, happenings, etc. which deserve to be indexed. This includes special conferences I've attended, the births of my kids, vacations, etc.

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Sept Mini Vacation
A trip to southern Utah including Cove Fort, St. George, and Zion Canyon.

July Mini Vacation
A trip to Thanksgiving Point and the “dinosaur museum” and then various fun activities in Cache Valley.


Maya’s 6th birthday

Eli’s 1st birthday

Lucy’s 3½th birthday


Eli Doran Barton is born - 9 August 2003
Our third child and our first son was born Saturday, 9 August 2003 in Sandy, UT.

Family reunion at Ephraim Mountain
Maya and I join other family members at a high-altitude family reunion atop Ephraim Mountain July 24-26, 2003.

They Might Be Giants in Salt Lake City - 23 July 2003
My friend Chadd and I were among many that attended this outdoor concert at Red Butte Garden in Salt Lake City.

Laura's Wedding
On March 15, 2003, my youngest sister-in-law tied the knot with her beau Jeremy at the Bountiful LDS Temple.


Trip to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
In June 2002, I travelled with my dad and other family members to meet distant Barton cousins in southeastern Iowa. While there, we also toured the Nauvoo L.D.S. temple and other landmarks.

Flyin Zion Easter Weekend Party 2002
My buddy Thom and I venture to southern Utah to attend the last of 29 annual Easter Weekend parties.


LinuxWorld Conference and Expo 2001 in NYC
Chadd and I return to The Big Apple for another dose of Linux conferences and "real culture".


Lucy Marie Barton is born
Our second daughter was born 20 December 2000.

MacWorld 2000 in NYC
While employed by Sorenson Media, I attended MacWorld at the Javitz Center in New York City and helped in the Sorenson Media booth on the exhibit floor. My wife Christine came along to help as well. This was my first time in New York City in the Summer.

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo 2000 in NYC
My first trip to New York City and my second LinuxWorld.


Emily's Wedding
My wife's younger sister Emily wed in the Las Vegas LDS Temple in September 1999.

DefCon 7 - Las Vegas, NV
I made one big discovery at this "conference." I am not a cyberpunk!

LinuxWorld Conference and Expo 1999
This was the first-ever LinuxWorld Conference and Expo at the San Jose Conference Center in the Spring of 1999. I went with my Sorenson Vision co-worker Christian and did all the days of tutorials and conference sessions.


ApacheCon 1998
The first ApacheCon ever... held at the Hilton Hotel & Towers in San Francisco, CA in October 1998. This was actually my first technical conference and was a great experience. I met Rasmus Lerdorf (creator of PHP), Bruce Sterling (one of my favorite sci-fi authors), and got to see John Gilmore (of the EFF) and David Filo (of Yahoo) speak.

Maya Louise Barton is born
Our first child, Maya, was born August 31, 1998.


Internship at Cray in Minnesota
Christine and I spent the Summer of 1997 in Eagan, Minnesota working as interns for the famed supercomputer maker Cray Research.


Doran and Christine get married
December 16, 1994. The wedding day.