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I wrote the framework for this script because I'm an EMusic subscriber and I got tired of SHIFT+Clicking to download every MP3 file in an album to download the whole album. While EMusic offers an RMP file for whole-album downloads, it is only supported by the Zinf (formerly known as FreeAmp) media player. I wasn't impressed with Zinf/FreeAmp because it seemed flaky and insisted I use it to catalog all my music. It also seemed very difficult to tell Zinf where to save the album files I downloaded from EMusic.

I looked around for other utilities for parsing these RMP files and downloading all the songs. On I found RMP Download for Java (see links below) which seemed to work adequately, but after looking at the code and everything the author had to distribute, I was convinced there was a better solution for me. uses the XML::EasyOBJ and LWP::Simple CPAN modules so you will need to install those in order to use it. I don't believe there is any reason these modules will not work on Windows or MacOS platforms, so, as far as I know, should work on those platforms. It has only been tested on Linux.

How it works

The .rmp file format is an XML format. Using the XML::EasyOBJ parser, identifies the individual URLs for each track in the album (which is all described by the XML data). Then, LWP::Simple is used to fetch the files to the local system via HTTP.


Usage: --help 
   or: [--destdir DIR] --rmpfile FILE

Download it!

Here it is:

Other RMP downloaders

It's possible (perhaps even likely) my Perl script isn't right for you. Check out some of these other options:

Apparently, the Windows version of RealPlayer also understands the .rmp file format, but I haven't confirmed this yet.