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Since I was 14 years old, I've carried the nickname Fozz (and it's permutations) around with me. I first began using the name a lot when I started dialing into bulletin board systems with my Atari computer. Then, later, when I got on the Internet, I used the name as my alias on Internet BBS's like ISCA.

When I started writing books and articles about computers and the Internet, Fozziliny Moo crept into the title and the byline.

So where did it come from? It's hard to say exactly... but here's a theory.

Fozziliny. It was my brother, okay? He used to call me a variety of weird crap when I was growing up. With a 13 year difference between us, I think he had fun making his younger brother laugh. With names like Fozzimoto, Fozzy Bomper, and Fozziliny Bomper Stomper, the Fozz-type stuff just kind of stuck to me.

George. The middle name George has unclear origins. The first George I can remember was a guy named George Kirby that worked for my dad. When I was three years old, I was tearing down a fence that my dad had been working on. When approached about it, I confessed that “George Kirby did it.”

Another George was a personality that a junior high friend and I created while running a (perfectly illegal) AM radio station. This George character would call our station every time we had an on-line contest eager to win whatever prizes we had available.

The third George is, quite simply, a stuffed animal gorilla that my niece and nephew gave to me while I was living with them 1989-1990.

Moo. During the summer of 1987, I spent approxiamately five hours every day in the presence of cows as it was part of my job as a farm hand in Cache Valley, Utah. During those months I milked cows several hundred times, stacked hay bales, fed calves, and ruined several pairs of jeans.